Workshop on Cyber Crime “Problems and Preventions” (12 October 2016)

Meerut Management Association and Indian Industries Association jointly organized A Workshop on Cyber Crime “Problems and Preventions” on 12th October 2016 at IIA Bhawan, Meerut. Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Cyber Security Expert was the distinguished speaker. Members of Meerut Management Association and Indian Industries Association were present where all were updated by Mr. Rakshit Tandon on the problems of Cyber Crime and how to prevent them.
Mentioned below are the key takeaways from the Cyber Law session taken by Mr. Rakshit Tandon.

1.) Data Backup – We should take a backup of our systems so as to have a backup of all our data incase of a hack wherein we might lose all our data.

2.) IT Policy and IT Security Policy – We must incorporate an IT Policy for our employees (policies against data theft, unproductive surfing, etc.) and should make it clear in the employees appointment letter.

3.) We should check if our websites programmers knowledge is up-to date. He might be working on age old mechanisms while the cyber crime and hacking methods have come a long way.  We should also find out if our server is in good health or if it is infected.

4.) VAPT: It stands for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We must outsource this ethical hacking every six months so as to identify the loopholes in our security system and how we can seal them.

5.) We must take off private information from facebook. Things such as mothers name, phone number can be vital information to retrieve passwords for a hacker.

6.) Different email ids should be used for open enquiries and different ones from which we share bank details, bills, payment terms, etc. For example “accounts@company_name” can be easily guessed and we might have publicized it to our vendors (For example: vodafone)

7.) Broadcast to the team to avoid opening any “.zip” file or any “.rtg” file. Especially from unknown senders.

8.) Install a firewall device through which we can control all devices and keep a trail. Also, quickheal total.

9.) Setup a two-step verification for email ids. This helps in cases where your password might be compromised. An OTP gets generated every time you try to login into your id.

How to set it up?

i.) go to gmail.

ii.) settings

iii.) security

iv.) sign in security

v.) activate two step verification

10.) Avoid – teamviewer,,

11.) Dont save passwords on device for easy login. If at all you do, encrypt them.

12.) Access netbanking only via personal wifi or personal data.

13.) Always verify the website you are visiting. A hacker might have copy pasted an original website.

For example: may become

or may become

14.) Try and use virtual keyboard for entering passwords on bank websites.

15.) Brief employees that penalty for data theft is 3 years imprisonment and 1 lac rupees fine. This instills some amount of fear in them.

16.) Install apps only from known developers.

17.) Change username and password of wifi router. Dont leave it at default setting which is “Admin” and “Password”. Also reduce the frequency so that it only covers the area it is meant to cover and does not reach the gate, etc.

18.) Swipe your card yourself at petrol bunks, outlets, etc.

19.) Make sure you have “absolute notifier” (helps in tracing laptops if stolen), find my iphone, find my mac, installed and turned on.

Mr. A. N. Malhotra, Chairman Indian Industries Association and Mr. Ankit Singhal, Immediate Former President Meerut Management Association were chair persons.

Symposium on MAKE-IN-INDIA: PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES (08 October 2016)

A Symposium on “Make in India: Prospects & Challenges” was organized by School of Business Studies, Shobhit University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, in Association with Meerut Management Association. Dr. R L Bishnoi, Director, Bank of India, Meerut was the Chief Guest and Mr. Rakesh Kohli, Managing Director, STAG International, Meerut was the Guest of Honour.