MMA Dayal Debate

MMA – Dayal Debate 2021

MMA – Dayal Debate 2020

MMA – Dayal Debate 2019

MMA – Dayal Debate 2018

MMA – Dayal Debate 2017

MMA – Dayal Debate 2016

MMA – Dayal Debate 2015

MMA – Dayal Debate 2014

MMA – DAYAL debate is a highly appreciated and awaited annual event by the students of Business Management and Engineering Institutions in Meerut / Modinagar / Ghaziabad. The students of about 16 Management and Technology Institutes share their views and deliberate on current topics like “Demonetization Was a Waste”, “National Interests Take Precedence Over Privacy”, “INDIA IS NOT READY FOR DIGITAL PAYMENTS”, “INDIA IS NOT SERIOUS ABOUT GENDER EQUALITY”, “India should focus on service industry and abandon manufacturing”, “Ethics is essential for Bussiness Growth”, ‘Disinvestment of PSUs is in the best of our Country” etc. Their is a running tropy for the Winning team.

We thank Dayal Fertilizers for their continued support in organizing this event

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