A plant visit of  Daurala Sugar Works (DSW) was organized by Meerut Management Association for its members on 8th April, 2017. DSW is a unit of DCM Shriram Industries Limited.

Mr. Sanjay Rastogi, Chief General Manager (Sugar) and Mr. Harkirat Singh, Chief Chemist of DSW had briefed all members about the company, plant and process of manufacturing of sugar from cane receiving, manufacturing of sugar to packaging and delivery to customers.

The following important processes of sugar manufacturing were explained during plant round:

  1. Cane preparation (cutting and shredding cane to prepare it for juice extraction)
  2. Juice extraction
  3. Juice clarification (remove suspended solids from the juice, typically mud, waxes, fibres)
  4. Juice evaporation (to concentrate the juice to thick syrup)
  5. Syrup clarification (remove suspended solids i.e., mud, waxes, fibres, etc. from the syrup)
  6. Crystallization
  7. Centrifugation (Separation of the sugar crystals from the mother liquor, done by centrifugal machines)
  8. Sugar drying
  9. Packaging and delivery

Besides, tea and snacks, fresh sugarcane juice was also served to all visiting members of MMA which was very much appreciated by every one. After plant visit, a delicious lunch was served in their Club premises and Gift Packets of Sugar Cubes were distributed to visiting members of MMA.

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