MMA Activities 2010-11

28th Sept 2010 — Annual General Meeting

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19th Oct 2010– Building Committee Meeting

Picture1        Picture2        Picture3       Picture4

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13th Nov 2010Deepawali Festive Meet

Resize of DSC_0008    Resize of DSC_0019    Resize of DSC_0028    Resize of DSC_0057

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8th Dec 2010 — Meerut 2020 – The New Visionaries

Resize of DSC_0002    Resize of DSC_0003   Resize of DSC_0004    Resize of DSC_0005

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18th Dec 2010Global Finance Market, Trends & Future Forecasting

DSC_0133    DSC_0135    DSC_0137    DSC_0148

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29th Dec 2010Family Meet

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21st Jan 2011Factory Visit : Modi Tyres – Modipuram

22 Feb 2011 — Dayal Annual Debate

DSC_0507      DSC_0592     DSC_0609     DSC_0624

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26 Mar 2011 — Factory Visit : Maruti Suzuki Factory – Gurgaon

26 Feb 2011Annual Gyanoday Celebration MMA – Friend of Gyanoday

DSC_9607    DSC_9608    DSC_9609    Gyanoday event

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12 Mar 2011 — 24th Annual Convention MMA

DSC_0004    DSC_0006    dsc_0409DSC_0003

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16 April 2011YOGA Workshop

DSC_0795    DSC_0802    DSC_0838    DSC_0849

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19 May 2011Art & Science of Delegation

DSC_0617   DSC_0622    DSC_0625    DSC_0635

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28 May 20117 Habits Framework

DSC_1013    DSC_1014    DSC_1015    DSC_1047

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18 July 2011Current Trends In Labor Laws
15 Aug 2011Flag Hoisting & Tree Plantation

DSC_0552    DSC_0567    DSC_0572     DSC_0587

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27 Aug 2011Walk Against Corruption

DSC00225    DSC00233    DSC00271    Photo0012

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29 Aug 2011Success Stories

DSC_0138    DSC_0141    DSC_0144    DSC_0149

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3 Sept 2011Wellness & Self Development Workshop

DSC_0230    DSC_0231    DSC_0232    DSC_0236

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17 Sept 2011Annual Sultan Singh Jain Memorial Lecture Press Release…

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