MMA Activities 2011-12

30th Sept 2011 — Annual General Meeting

DSC_0913        DSC_0914       DSC_0918       DSC_0942View More…

10th Dec 2011Lean Management

DSC_0159    DSC_0162_1    DSC_0171    DSC_0185
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26th Nov 2011Diabetes Epidemic

IMG_0420 (1)    IMG_0424    IMG_0425    IMG_0426
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23th Oct 2011Deepawali Festive Meet

DSC_0201    DSC_0203    DSC_0206    DSC_0212
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17th Jan 2012 — Profitability On Cost Management

DSC_0001    DSC_0002    DSC_0003    DSC_0008

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8th Feb 2012 — Dayal Annual Debate
DSC_0575    DSC_0585    DSC_0672DSC_0572
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