Annual General Meeting 2013

AGM for the year 2012-13 was held on September 31st, 2013 at Management House, Pallavpuram, Meerut.

The following Office bearers and the members of the council were elected:-

Office Bearers

*      President                                               –                Mr. Rajeev Jain


*      Sr. Vice President                                 –                Capt. V.K.Gupta


*      Vice President                                      –                Mr. Ankit Singhal


*       Hony. Secretary                                  –                 Mr. Kamal Anand


*       Jt. Secretary                                        –                  Mr. Ankur Jaggi


*       Immediate Past President                    –                 Mr. M.P.Tyagi


Members of Council:-

Mr. M.P.Jain                                       –                 Director, Training & Placement-FIT
Mr. Jitendra Kumar                          –                  Management Consultant
Mr. Nishant Jain                                –                  Director, Anant Enterprises
Dr. Brij Bhushan                                –                  CED, Apex Instt. Of Mgmt., Research & Analysis
Mr. Dheeraj Gupta                             –                  Continental India Ltd.
Mr. Manish Jain                                 _                  Director, Premier Ingots & Metals (P) Ltd.
Mr. Vibhor Agarwal                             –                 Director, Multimax Engg.Works (P) Ltd.
Mr. Sanjeev Jain                                   –                  Director, Saru Copper Alloy Semis Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Rajinder Singh                               –                  MD, Indira Brick Works
Mr. Sunjeev Gupta                               –                  G.M. Daurala Organics
Mr. Pranav Kohli                                  –                  Director Marketing, Stag International
Mr. Sameer Goel                                  –                  Director, Misgo Sales (P) Ltd.

In addition to the above, the following 9 members were nominated as Special Invitees to the Council:-

Lt. Gen. J.M.Garga (Retd.)                     –                Director Gen. MIET
Maj. Gen. J.R.Bhatti (Retd.)                   –                Director , Vidya School of Business
Mr. Sanjeev Mittal                                    –                Chairman, Sanjeev Industries
Dr. Vivek Kumar                                       –                  General Physicion
Ms. Anusha Agarwal                                –
Ms. Sona Anand                                        –
Ms. Astha                                                    –                  Nishkam Press
Mr. Gaurav Jain                                        –                 Director, K.R.Rubbers
Dr. Rahul Bhardwaj                                  –                 Prof. Dewan VS Instt.of Business Management.

An Advisory Committee of all Past Presidents of Meerut Management Association was constituted as under:-

Mr. Abhay Kumar                                  –                 MD, Dayal Fertilizers (P) Ltd.
Mr. Ashok Jain                                      –                  Director, Shakunt Engg. (P) Ltd.
Mr. Adarsh Anand                                 –                 Director, Anand Track & Field Equipment
Mr. Ashok Kr. Jain                                –                  Director, Anant Enterprises
Mr. Avinash S. Alag                                –                Head Master, Blossoms School
Mr. B.L.Garg                                            –                  Management Consultant
Mr. Shashank Jain                                  –                 Director, Saru Smelting (P) Ltd.
Mr. Trilok Anand                                   –                 Director, Sanspareils Greenlands (P) Ltd.
Mr. Yogesh Garg                                   –                 MD, PEP Infotech Ltd.
Mr. Yogendra Agarwal                          –                 Director, BBP Infotech Ltd.
Mr. Shashi Kant Goel                            –                 Director, Misgo Sales
Col. (Dr.) Naresh Kumar                       –                 Director, Dewan VS Instt. Of Management
Mr. Rakesh Kohli                                    –                 CEO, Stag International
Mr. Puneet Anand                                 –                 Director, Sanspareils Greenlands (P) Ltd.
Dr. Poonam Devdutt                             –                 HRD Consultant & Psychologist

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